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THR: Gwendoline Christie is in negotiations to join the cast of Darkest Minds [DRKMN]   Antibody on Mar 22, 16:48

5-minute scene from Ghost in the Shell   Antibody on Mar 22, 16:42

V: “We already have a six-movie story arc” Saban says of MMPR.   Antibody on Mar 22, 16:05

THR: Chris Yost to script Spider-Man spinoff Silver Sable and the Black Cat   Antibody on Mar 22, 15:34

Silver Sable is a movie all by herself... adding Black Cat is just wasting the character {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 22, 15:57

Will Zendaya be one of them or is she really MJ? {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 16:08

Northwestern Sutdy show brain wave measurement during trailer engagement can predict box office success   Antibody on Mar 22, 14:29

"Nobody knows anything" {nm}   slipping jimmy on Mar 22, 14:31

(testing this metric at the trailer stage is also . . . brave) {nm}   slipping jimmy on Mar 22, 14:35

The majority of people first learn about a new movie from its trailer. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 14:40

I'll curious to see it in action but so far, no one method has proven reliable... well, except ticket sales. {nm}   Captain Hindsight on Mar 22, 14:43

This is arguably the most scientific as it measures your direct biological reaction. You can't lie like in a survey. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 15:02

why stop at the trailer? do it for casting and watching dailies and screening preview cuts. Amazon did this kind of testing for concepts   slipping jimmy on Mar 22, 15:05

Because people don't know what they want until you show it to them. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 15:06

sure but at that point, the movie's largely in the can. the trailer is only confirming or denying that it was a smart bet in the first plac {nm}   slipping jimmy on Mar 22, 14:44

I don't understand. What alternate phase would be better? {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 14:58

Just because someone likes a trailer doesn't mean they will go see in the theaters. {nm}   JDolphin on Mar 22, 15:13

The point is people will go see movie with trailers they liked over movies with trailers they don't like. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 15:17

And they can quantify by how much box office. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 15:19

"We made a great trailer for Beauty and the Beast. It was clearly much better than that trailer for The Belko Experience." {nm}   slipping jimmy on Mar 22, 16:36

The value is in saying "we made a great trailer for it follows and people responded to it, let's try that as a theatrical" {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 22, 16:42

Yep, they can measure your high level of emotions and nostalgia to BTATB, versus a much lower response to the B-film BELCO.. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 16:57

"Studying". Suuuure. I'll be bringing a tinfoil hat from now on. {nm}   islander on Mar 22, 16:04

MEW: new non-specific production target start date [TAG]   Oleg Max on Mar 22, 13:36

When a "Concept" "TV movie" stock moves 83% on 22m shares on no news, do we need to call the pretend SEC? :) {nm}   tomcat90 on Mar 22, 12:27

DRYS went from 3 to 80 recently, only then SEC stepped in. maybe we should hold off a bit :) {nm}   Oleg Max on Mar 22, 12:32

Haha, yes, I saw it over $100 briefly and now it's $1.45 again. Maybe the same traders involved :) {nm}   tomcat90 on Mar 22, 12:42

Looks like reset trading based on when the movement started {nm}   shadowking on Mar 22, 12:46

a group of traders/multiple accounts ganging up on a stock again? {nm}   tealfan on Mar 22, 15:31

THR: Kaitlyn Dever Joins Beautiful Boy [BTFUB]   Oleg Max on Mar 22, 11:40

THR: Michael Shannon has emerged as the frontrunner for Cable in Deadpool 2 [DEAD2]   Antibody on Mar 22, 11:22

i would have thought Man of Steel was enough comic movies for one actor's lifetime {nm}   slipping jimmy on Mar 22, 11:31

Jeff Sneider tried to start a BPITT as Cable rumor   Antibody on Mar 22, 11:38

Umberto Gonzalez: I HAD SHANNON AND WAS LIED TO!   Antibody on Mar 22, 11:44

Asked about Shannon the last month on the 28th and was told "Not true."   Antibody on Mar 22, 11:45

a secret was kept a secret and he was upset? =P {nm}   tealfan on Mar 22, 12:02

Most scoop heavy industry journos get super emotional on Twitter when they lose out on a scoop. {nm}   notfabio on Mar 22, 12:09

He also had a recent Twitter feud with James Mangold over the Deadpool/Logan bit and claimed Mangold called him a racial slur {nm}   notfabio on Mar 22, 12:10

I saw that and Mangold made a comment about "stamping out ****roaches," probably not realizing his error.   Captain Hindsight on Mar 22, 13:57

I've never seen Mike Fleming have a hissy fit on Twitter.   Captain Hindsight on Mar 22, 13:58

He's old school. {nm}   notfabio on Mar 22, 14:07

He's done it in his DL articles. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 14:15

This is true. {nm}   Captain Hindsight on Mar 22, 14:30

SLANG should be the only consideration for Cable. He's perfect! {nm}   Nigel_Ray on Mar 22, 12:14

There may be some conflict with the Avatar 2 shooting schedule and Deadpool 2 now depending on how large his role winds up being {nm}   notfabio on Mar 22, 12:24

Avatar 2 is supposed to go into production in August and the last rumored start date for Deadpool 2 was June. {nm}   notfabio on Mar 22, 12:25

Key word is supposed to. {nm}   ~JPV~ on Mar 22, 13:22

Lang is in avatar 2? I thought his character died {nm}   MattW on Mar 22, 16:16

I'd forgotten Cable was an older fellow...I Iike him for it, too {nm}   tealfan on Mar 22, 15:33

SLANG looks just like the character...   RazorHawk on Mar 22, 16:01

Fandango Fanticipation Chart: "BEAUTY" STILL ENTRANCING, WHILE "POWER RANGERS" LOOKS MIGHTY   Captain Hindsight on Mar 22, 11:19

The useful info is Power Rangers is outpacing The Maze Runner at the same point in the Fandango sales cycle {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 11:25

That's impressive cause those Maze Runners were super fast! {nm}   Captain Hindsight on Mar 22, 11:29

Last year's Ninja Turtles would have been a stronger comp. {nm}   RollingThunder on Mar 22, 11:37

Well, now you know MMPR is not opening anywhere near $65M. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 11:40

Oh nevermind, you meant TMNT2. :) {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 11:40

Where does one find this chart? {nm}   columbia on Mar 22, 13:40

MEW: new specific production target start date [STRN2]   Oleg Max on Mar 22, 11:00

Did somebody count how many times this movie has had a produciton start? ;) {nm}   sphere on Mar 22, 11:44

Variety: Profile on Haim Saban, The Last Face will be a premium VOD title.   notfabio on Mar 22, 10:50

Wrap: According to NATO, Asian-Americans have surpassed Hispanic Americans as the highest per capital movie attendance.   Antibody on Mar 22, 10:45

Average ticket price is now $8.65.   Antibody on Mar 22, 10:47

us Filipinos will watch anything! =P {nm}   tealfan on Mar 22, 12:04

LAT preview: MMPR $35 million ; LIFEM $15 million; CHIPS $8 million to $10 million.    Antibody on Mar 22, 10:23

DL preview: MMPR $30M-$40M ; LIFEM $15M-$20M; CHIPS $10M-$12M    Antibody on Mar 22, 10:51

EW: Edwards reveals Jyn Erso's mother was originally scripted as a Jedi. (which would've more her force sensitive as well)   Antibody on Mar 22, 10:13

The Next-To-Last Jedi, We Swear {nm}   slipping jimmy on Mar 22, 10:53

the Force sure does get around {nm}   tealfan on Mar 22, 12:05

Giggitty {nm}   The Force on Mar 22, 13:12

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, (3BOEM) trailer debuts this week {nm}   notfabio on Mar 22, 10:10

I wonder why Deluxe haven't made the Week 13 link active.   Antibody on Mar 22, 10:18

Ahh nevermind, we've on Week 12. Paris Can Wait trailer as well.   Antibody on Mar 22, 10:20

Rupture In Theatres and ITunes April 28th [RUPTR]   Antibody on Mar 22, 09:59

THR: Larry Wilcox is pretty furious about the CHIPS feature film, declined a cameo, but Erik Estrada agreed to one.   notfabio on Mar 22, 09:57

Erik Estrada was walking the red carpet at the CHiPs premiere 2 nights ago...   RazorHawk on Mar 22, 10:01

Worst Gay Panic film since Get Hard. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 10:01

Is that the early word? Or just the educated guess everyone has about it? {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Mar 22, 10:04

Based on the trailers. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 10:07

Gay moments are the new trend. {nm}   Captain Hindsight on Mar 22, 11:44

But not of the panic variety. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Mar 22, 11:45

Fair. US press screenings are tonight. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Mar 22, 11:45

Dave Chappelle's Netflix specials are even more recent. vile stuff {nm}   slipping jimmy on Mar 22, 11:16

LATIMES: Dax Shepard briefly discusses Larry Wilcox's beef with CHIPS in this interview   notfabio on Mar 22, 10:07

i was looking for to it until i found out Dax was involved. Dude somehow found a way to be less funny than dane cook {nm}   adrenalin112 on Mar 22, 10:15

I saw a preview of this, and it looks along the lines similar to Police Academy??..looks kinda lame, IMO. {nm}   =Flash on Mar 22, 12:11

io9: John Knoll reveals more original ideas for Rogue One ending that actually had the transmission BEAMED to Leia's ship.   Antibody on Mar 22, 09:36

Clone Wars already did the 2nd talked about ending (more or less)   notfabio on Mar 22, 09:45

Ah, they must've passed along the idea. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 22, 09:48

That's pretty likely, they used unused character concepts for Force Awakens in Rebels.    notfabio on Mar 22, 09:51

DL: Laura Dern In Talks To Join JT LeRoy [LEROY]   Oleg Max on Mar 22, 09:11

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